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delcatty-senpai asked:

I just want you to know that you are setting a bad example for younger kids on this website who have no idea how much money, time , and effort it takes to take care of an EXOTIC animal. Your chinchilla post is encouraging people to buy animals JUST because they are cute. That leads to millions of animals every day being abandoned and abused because people don't really know how to take care of them. I own six chinchillas and babies are the HARDEST to take care of.

Look here, I am a 27 year old grown man, I know my abilities and my limit. I am not responsible for the shortcoming of others. If someone wants to buy and own an exotic pet and can not take care of them, that is their own fault. My post in now way, shape, or form would cause someone to think that they could take care of an animal when they’re not prepared. You can try and scapegoat me but someone’s inability to care for a pet is not my responsibility, especially if the person is not an adult. That is a parents job, not mine.

And if there are “younger kids” on this website, they shouldn’t be. That also a parents job.



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